With almost five decades of expertise and experience in building automation, Regulvar can commission systems in new or existing buildings thus ensuring owners and developers of better operational performance after start-up.

Nowadays, construction methods and building systems are increasingly complex. Commissioning is therefore a critical aspect of all construction projects to achieve performance, reliability, safety and occupant comfort objectives.

During the commissioning process, Regulvar ensures that all systems and their components are designed, installed and tested in accordance with the owner’s or client’s operational requirements. Regulvar works with the design, construction, and operations teams to ensure the proper commissioning of the various control systems usually found in all types of buildings.

Our commissioning solutions for new buildings (Cx):

Our multi-disciplinary commissioning team is committed to achieving established goals and reducing performance-related failures by:

  • Ensuring that the control plans and specifications for the various equipment are met.
  • Performing quality control on the construction site to ensure that the implemented systems achieve optimal performance.
  • Testing individual and integrated systems for performance and reliability, both at start-up and during operation, in accordance with standard operating procedures.
  • Ensuring that energy efficiency standards and comfort objectives are met, according to the recommendations of the engineering firm.
  • Providing post-construction follow-up by providing training, technical support, and post-commissioning follow-up to the operational team.

Our commissioning solutions in existing buildings (EBCx):

When it comes to commissioning in existing buildings, our team of experts will work with you throughout this process to make your facilities more intelligent, efficient, comfortable, safe and sustainable.

Our approach to commissioning in existing buildings is based on 5 pillars:

  • Understanding our client’s needs.
  • Investigation and verification of operating systems
  • Proposal of corrective measures to solve identified problems.
  • Implementation of proposed solutions and performance optimization.
  • Follow-up, training, and documentation.

By commissioning in existing buildings, building owners and managers can benefit from:

  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Improved occupant comfort and indoor environmental quality.
  • Optimized energy efficiency and facility performance.
  • Increased value and long-term sustainability of the building.
  • Extended life of equipment.
  • Simplifying the tasks of the operating staff.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions