Building Automation

From new constructions to the modernization or optimization of an existing building, Regulvar supports building owners and managers by providing them with a wide range of services covering every stage of a project.

System design

Regulvar designs building automation systems that meet a variety of needs and requirements with regard to comfort, versatility, manageability, budget and energy efficiency. To do so, the Company relies on a multidisciplinary team made up of engineers and technicians specialized in building mechanics, instrumentation and controls, electronics, and information technology.

System upgrades

Regulvar’s services are not limited to new constructions. Given that the lifespan of a building automation system is between 15 and 20 years, companies can call on Regulvar to upgrade or replace systems that have become inefficient, defective or obsolete. These upgrades are ideal for clients who would like to benefit from the latest technological advances.


Regulvar ensures that the systems are installed according to client specifications by untrusting the task to its experienced team of electricians specialized in controls or to carefully selected subcontractors.

With close to 50 years of experience designing, installing and upgrading systems, Regulvar’s team of specialists guides clients to the best options to meet their objectives and provides support at every step of their building automation project.