Smart Water
Leak Detection

Regulvar’s smart water inlet device: A reliable solution for detecting leaks and reducing water loss.

Affordable preventive strategy to protect from water damage and leaks to avoid unexpected and costly breakage and wear.

The RE-DEE-X is an intelligent electromechanical water detection and shutoff device designed by Regulvar’s R&D team to protect buildings during unoccupied periods by detecting potential water leaks (upstream from the water inlet and the backflow prevention device).

This water leakage sensor is also equipped with water shutoff functions, as it is composed of a controller, a flow meter, two motorized valves and a water meter. As soon as a water leak or abnormal flow is detected, the water valve is instantly shut off to limit damage. An additional meter can be installed on the main line.

The RE-DEE-X has the ability of detecting low water consumption due to its small diameter water meter. The ability of its integrated flow meter to detect low flows gives it the edge in preventing even minor water leaks.

Installed downstream of the water inlet and anti-backflow device, the RE-DEE-X can detect both sudden, large leaks and constant, small leaks. Like an electrical circuit breaker, it cuts off the water supply instantly as soon as the flow meter detects a discrepancy between the measured flow and the reference value. Once a leak is detected, the secondary valve is automatically shut off.

Equipped with a self-learning software, the RE-DEE-X controller analyzes the building’s usual water consumption during unoccupied periods to establish a minimum threshold (in litres) and an operating setpoint.

For the RE-DEE-X to operate, it must receive an occupancy signal from the intrusion alarm system. The device should either be linked to the building automation system via a BACnet network, which allows it to operate according to a pre-set schedule, or it should be in conjunction with the intruder alarm system.

Simultaneously, an indicator light on the control panel switches on and a programmed BACnet alarm is triggered in the building automation system. Once the leak has been repaired, the system can be reset manually by pressing a button in the control panel or through the BAS interface.

When Regulvar’s smart water leak detector is connected to the building automation system via a BACnet network, it offers the advantage of being used either on a scheduled basis or in conjunction with the intrusion alarm.

The RE-DEE-X detects mainly two types of water leaks:

Sudden major leaks:

The RE-DEE-X can detect a water flow that is suddenly much stronger than usual over a short period of time. This occurs, for example, when a pipe breaks, causing the sudden outflow of a large quantity of water.

Continuous minor leaks:

The RE-DEE-X can also detect a flow that is only slightly higher than normal, but that remains steady over an extended period, for example, when a toilet leaks slightly but constantly, or flushes on its own.

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