Laboratory Control

Unique, complete and turnkey laboratory automation solutions.

Leading-edge and recognized expertise in the control of critical environments to improve productivity and safety.

Regulvar offers unique, optimized automation solutions that are adapted to the specific needs of each project and that are perfectly integrated into existing building automation systems in critical environments, such as laboratories, hospitals, clean rooms, isolation rooms, and certain manufacturing plants (high-tech products, pharmaceuticals, etc.).

With more than 10 years of experience in the design, optimization, maintenance and installation of more than 1,000 valves in institutions in Canada and the United States, Regulvar’s automated laboratory systems and instruments continue to be reliable with accurate results, high performance and easy to maintain, expand or modify.
Our expertise in critical environment control results in a 100% success rate that meets the standards and certification requirements in all establishments where Regulvar solutions have been installed.

Regulvar’s strategy for laboratories stands out by its ability to intelligently orchestrate the work of laboratory equipment such as controllers, fume hood monitors, anemometers, air flow control valves, sash position sensors, pressure, temperature and humidity sensors and motion sensors. Our approach combines the precision of pressure-based control with the reaction speed and stability of flow-based control.

Our main asset is our verification tools: probes that inform the system about air velocity and air pressure, both for individual pieces of equipment and for the laboratory as a whole.

The benefits of Regulvar’s unique laboratory automation solution:

Range of proven products

100% BACnet system

No gateway required

Speed and stability of the Ethernet network thanks to the migration of the O3 platform

Integration of third-party products

Modifiable programming

Closed-loop system with feedback

Real-time monitoring of air pressure and air velocity (fume hoods)

Compliance with current standards and certifications

Discover our other solutions:

Multifunctional touchscreen intercom: a versatile communication system

Entirely developed by Régulvar’s R&D team for the educational sector, the intercom has a touch interface, a bell ringing system and a BACnet battery making it compatible with existing building automation systems.

Motor control centers: affordable, tailor-made solutions

Our intelligent, standard, or customized MCCs increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs for businesses.

Intelligent water inlet device: a reliable solution for water leakage detection

The RE-DEE-X is a smart mechanical-electronic device designed by Regulvar’s R&D team to protect an unoccupied building by detecting potential water leaks (downstream from the water inlet and backflow prevention device).