Multifunctional touchscreens intercoms: a versatile communication system for schools.

An updated and customized solution that can be easily integrated into existing building automation systems.

Entirely developed by Regulvar’s R&D team for the school sector, the intercom has a touch interface, a bell ringing system and a BACnet battery making it compatible with existing building automation systems.

Designed to meet the needs of educational institutions, Regulvar’s intercom uses the latest technologies to ensure simple and effective communication between classrooms, offices and common areas. It offers a user-friendly interface and can be used as an emergency call system, procedure display, clock, interface for room control, etc. Additional options can be added, such as text messaging or a camera.

Regulvar’s intercom was designed to offer customers freedom in terms of choice of speakers, addition of devices, general follow-up and choice of service providers. None of the system components are proprietary: the interface is based on the open-source Android operating system, the standard SIP protocol is used for the voice component, and the BACnet protocol ensures compatibility with any existing building automation system. For example, with the SIP protocol, surveillance cameras at the main entrance can be chosen from different suppliers, and with the Android platform, functions can be accessed from a standard tablet.

Software updates are simple and straightforward for users, given that it is done remotely. The user-friendly touchscreen interface provides users with easy and intuitive navigation through the functions. The Regulvar intercom offers a customized and customizable graphic interface (e.g., displaying the rooms on a map or in a list format), a Web-based application for remote management and a computer application for administrative personnel.

La mise à jour logicielle est simple et s’effectue à distance, sans désagrément pour les utilisateurs. Aussi, l’interface tactile et conviviale de l’intercom de Régulvar offre à l’utilisateur une navigation facile et intuitive dans les fonctions.

The various functions of the intercom:

Call – To make a call from one room to another, usually from a classroom to the secretary’s office.

Intercom – To make a general call to all, to classes or to certain groups configured by the administrator.

List of Absences – To view and modify the list of absent students for the current day.

Comfort settings – To adjust the room temperature and lighting, and to know the percentage of humidity, the quality of the ambient air and the energy consumption in the room.

Bells – To make the school bells ring and manage the settings (schedules, groups, and bells).

Parameters – To manage and modify groups, bells and other settings that may be useful to the administrator.

Weather Forecast – To know the current weather and the forecast for the next six days.

Emergency – To make an emergency call, trigger a code orange and the evacuation alarm.

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