Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

The ultimate control of your buildings’ security at your fingertips

Regulvar offers high-tech video surveillance systems tailored to clients’ needs so that they can keep an eye on their assets and investments day and night. The systems can be remotely controlled from any device, such as smartphones, tablets or computers. They have multiple screens with various tabs.

The megapixel resolution cameras, integrated with EnteliWEB building management software, video management software, a video server, a video recorder and a cloud service, help prevent or manage incidents. It also allows for research and analysis of videos. Video surveillance is often combined with an access control system, which makes it possible to quickly find the video of an event that occurred at a door. Other applications, such as people counting or license plate reading, are available and can transmit the results to Delta controllers.

Our video surveillance systems are completely autonomous. You can program and customize the recording parameters of each camera so that some record at all times, while others at specific times or on motion detection. Some cameras can even offer night vision.

Video surveillance means always being present and having peace of mind!

Technical characteristics of our video surveillance systems:

  • Various types of cameras: panoramic, fisheye, box, mobile or fixed dome, IR multi-sensor, IR speed dome camera, etc.
  • Automatic configuration
  • Feedback mechanism in case of problem
  • Scheduled backup
  • Video content analysis report