Communication protocols

Communication protocols

Benefiting from a common language

Regulvar has set itself apart from the competition by adopting advanced digital technologies and developing high-performance tools to ensure interoperability. The performance of a building automation system depends on seamless communication among its various components.

The company has developed its solutions around BACnet®, the only protocol developed specifically for building automation, which helps devices made by different manufacturers communicate effectively within the same building. Developed by the non-profit organization ASHRAE in 1995, the free and open BACnet® has become the most-used protocol in the world.

Other protocols integrated by Regulvar include Zigbee®, an open protocol designed for building automation, LonWorks®, MBus and Modbus®.

BACnet®, EnOcean®, LonWorks® et Modbus® are registered trademarks of ASHRAE, EnOcean, Echelon and Modbus Organization, respectively. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.