HVAC Control

HVAC Control

Expert in advanced HVAC system integration

Regulvar is a market leader in HVAC control (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) with almost 50 years of expertise. It offers a complete range of services that automatically adjust the temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality parameters in one or several buildings to optimize operations and ensure consistency.

Our turnkey and customized HVAC control solutions improve occupant comfort, safety and productivity by creating an optimal, comfortable, more productive environment, while protecting them from potential contaminants such as particulates, gases or smoke.

Based on the latest digital technologies, Regulvar’s HVAC solutions allow managers and owners to simplify operations management, increase the performance and energy efficiency of their buildings, and centralize their operations while optimizing labour and equipment. Our highly qualified technicians ensure the proper functioning of your HVAC equipment and offer 24/7 troubleshooting services.

Design, installation, maintenance and optimization of HVAC equipment

  • Ventilation, dust collection and exhaust systems
  • Hot water and steam heating systems
  • Air treatment systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pumps, motors and fans
  • Cooling with chillers and water towers

Sensor Hub

Single Room Controller

Fan Coil Module

Power Supply

System Controller

8 Inputs Module

Network controller

Expansion Module

Room Network Sensor

VAV Controller

Ethernet VAV Controller

8 I/O Module

Room Integration Controller