Access Control

Access Control

Specialist in access control for enhanced security

Regulvar’s access control solutions make use of various devices, such as smart or magnetic cards, keypads and security barriers. They ensure that only authorized people can enter a building or circulate in a specific area.

Regulvar goes further by optimizing the overall management of buildings to make it an advanced detection system. By integrating these devices into a centralized control system, the data they provide on the occupancy of the premises can be used to automatically adjust lighting, heating and other systems based on actual needs. This promotes energy savings and simplifies operations.

Control settings and access restrictions to sensitive areas of the business can be easily adjusted. In addition to having entry and exit information available to influence the operation of building systems, the access control system can also be linked to a network of surveillance cameras and entry intercoms. For added security, it can be equipped with an identity verification device with an algorithm that does not process images.

The access control module features an intuitive dashboard that displays essential data and key indicators in one place. This makes it easy to locate, analyze and compare the data. Because of its adaptive interface, the dashboard can be used on different types of devices.

Interesting new uses, such as usage-based billing, automatic triggering of production equipment or traffic monitoring of vehicles in parking lots, can result from combining these installations with other building automation and technology functions.

Technical characteristics of our access controls:

  • Components and assemblies UL294 certified
  • Adjustable control parameters
  • Devices that can be linked to mobile devices
  • Biometric systems such as facial recognition
  • Customizable authorization for every user
  • Active users recorded in the controller
  • Synchronization service integrated in enteliWEB (enteliSYNC module)
  • Fault tolerance: reconnection test
  • BACnet communication protocol
  • Compact format
  • Low operating cost