Our Story

Regulvar Group Corporate Profile

Providing innovative solutions for building automation for almost 50 years!

Founded in 1974, Regulvar is a private company operating nationally. A leader in building automation, the Company is recognized for its expertise and experience in automatic control and integration and as a result, it is able to propose and implement innovative, customized solutions for its clients.

With some 600 employees in several branches located throughout Quebec and Ontario, Regulvar continues to be a company where clients receive local service with a human touch.

As a contractor, Regulvar manages its clients’ projects, in full or in part, from the design stage of the building automation systems to their maintenance. By integrating the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, access control and video surveillance systems, Regulvar provides its clients with solutions and tools for optimizing building performance.

Corporate History

Discover Regulvar’s history, from 1974 to today. Find all the key dates in Regulvar’s development over the past few decades.


Company founding


Analog regulation


Digital regulation


Partnership with Delta Controls


First integration project


Acquisition of Elkon, a company specializing in motorized equipment controllers for industrial processes


First BACnet project


Creation of Regulvar Canada inc.


First wireless project


Creation of Régulvar France SAS


Introduction of analytics


Acquisition of Taugher Controls of Kingston, Ontario

Mission, vision, values


A specialist in building automation, Regulvar develops and implements automatic control and integration solutions designed to optimize building performance for all its clients, regardless of size.


Regulvar strives to assert a leadership role in automatic control, integration and building automation solutions. The Company therefore aims to develop innovative solutions using cutting-edge technologies and promoting an eco-responsible approach.

Regulvar also endeavours to provide its clients with value-added solutions. In this regard, the Company commits to providing its clients with ways to optimize their building costs, enhance technical and energy efficiency, simplify management and ensure the comfort and security of the building occupants.


In carrying out its mission and to ensure client satisfaction, Regulvar promotes the following values:

  • Thoroughness, to produce adequate and customized solutions
  • Innovation, to offer innovative, high-performance and reliable solutions
  • Versatility, to carry out different projects of varying sizes
  • Expertise, to generate original and carefully planned solutions
  • Professionalism, to ensure high-quality services
  • Accessibility, to provide customized local service
  • Co-operation, to obtain the expected results