Ethics, Compliance, Quality
and Certifications

Regulvar’s Quality Policy

Regulvar’s quality policy is part of an overall quality approach that the Company has adopted and followed for many years. Management’s commitment to placing quality at the heart of its practices, promoting the ongoing development of the quality assurance system, and ensuring full employee participation helps the Company reach and maintain its objectives.

Client satisfaction remains the primary purpose of Regulvar’s quality policy, which is as follows:

  • Regulvar is committed to offering its clients innovative, reliable and user-friendly solutions as well as the expertise of a highly qualified staff.
  • The entire Regulvar team is committed to carrying out its work in accordance with established rules, supporting and listening to clients, and providing them with the knowledge they need to become independent.

Ethics and Compliance

For close to 50 years, Regulvar has always promoted healthy business practices. Today we want to restate our commitment to ethical practices and to maintain the reputation for integrity that we have built over the years.
To do so, we have undertaken initiatives and developed tools, including a new code of conduct to guide both employees and managers in their professional activities and relationships with our customers, our suppliers and our partners.

We have also put in place a mechanism allowing people to send us their comments or complaints in order to support our efforts to always do better.

We thank you for your trust.

Certifications and Affiliations

In a bid to offer its clients high-quality standardized products and services, Regulvar has obtained recognized certifications and is associated with several organizations dedicated to development in its field

Some of the product assembled in Regulvar's three workshops are QPS certified in compliance with the CSA C22.2 standard

Regulvar is a member of the EnOcean®, Alliance, a consortium dedicated to the advancement of self-powered interoperable wireless solutions.

Regulvar is a member of the Delta Controls North American Partner Council, which brings together high-calibre specialists.

Regulvar is a member of AQME, which provides a forum for stakeholders to address how to optimize the use of various forms of energy.

Regulvar is a member of the Association de la construction du Québec, and Marc Dugré, president of Regulvar Inc., was a member of the organization’s Executive Committee from 2010 to 2017.

Some Regulvar employees have been awarded the title of Certified Energy Manager® by the Association of Energy Engineers, which recognizes the expertise of professionals in energy management.