Musée de la nature et des sciences


Founded in 1879, the Musée du Séminaire de Sherbrooke experienced a turning point in 2002, when it moved to Frontenac Street and was renamed the Musée de la nature et des sciences. A major tourist attraction, the Museum's collections total nearly 65,000 natural science objects and specimens.

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Now the owner of the Julius-Kayser building, which once housed a company that specialized in the manufacture of lingerie, the Museum occupies a third of the building’s total space, i.e. 5000 square metres. To carry out its activities, the Museum has three exhibition halls and three storage rooms, all of which benefit from a controlled environment. The equipment is located in six service rooms and also ensures the comfort of the common areas, including an entrance hall, a lunch room, multi-purpose room and boutique.
Regulvar  was commissioned to control the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and humidity of the exhibition halls and storage rooms, to control the heating in the common areas, to control the air exchanger that supplies the rooms with outside air, to manage the chilled water system and chillers, and to monitor the air conditioning units.
The primary challenge of this project was in ensuring that each room would benefit from environmental conditions that observe specific parameters based on the room’s purpose and the type of objects housed there—paper documents and plant and wildlife specimens—in order to guarantee that they would be properly preserved.
This project is unique in that it is the first project in the Eastern Townships to demonstrate an interoperability between two different digital control systems using the open BACnet protocol. The operator manages the two systems from a single monitoring station, which uses the Orcaview software provided by Regulvar. Drawing on 15 Delta Controls digital controllers, the system has 150 control points. As a result, the Company is able to fulfill its mission and provide this fascinating museum with a balanced atmosphere.