Promutuel Building


In 2007, Groupe Promutuel announced it was moving its head office into a building owned by real estate developer Immostar, Place de l’Escarpement 1. Inaugurated in December 2009, this building received a LEED® Canada-NC Gold certification, and Promutuel contributed to the solutions implemented.

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The Place de l’Escarpement 1 building has seven floors and a two-level underground parking garage. The head office of Groupe Promutuel occupies the top four floors, which cover 90,000 of the 145,000 square feet of total rental space.
Regulvar was hired to implement automatic control solutions for the lighting systems on floors 4 to 7 (the Promutuel offices) as well as the air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems throughout the building.
Promutuel decided to take advantage of the many benefits of automation with regard to its lighting systems. It also decided to add automated blinds, which offer the advantage of influencing not only the use of lighting, but also heating and air conditioning. In Regulvar, Promutuel found the only company with the skills to deal with both systems. Regulvar also implemented regulated projection screens in the conference rooms.
To take on this challenge, Regulvar used a variety of devices—close to 750—including ambient light sensors, motion sensors and wall switches, all of which were wireless and self-powered. In total, 400 control points regulate lighting according to area, occupancy and daylight, and avoiding, for example, any glare on employee computer screens.
Therefore, Regulvar not only provided Promutuel with a balanced and energy-efficient environment—it also certainly contributed to helping the company obtain LEED Gold certification for the Place de l’Escarpement 1 building.