Sun Life Building


In 1914, the Sun Life Insurance Company decided to relocate its head office and the Sun Life Building, inaugurated in 1918, became Montreal’s first skyscraper. The building is 137 metres high and is considered to be one of the city’s architectural gems.
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The Sun Life Building has 26 floors, including three basement levels, the ground floor, a two-storey mezzanine, 23 floors of office space and three top floors housing electrical and mechanical systems. The building has over one million square feet in office space, 15 entrances, 23 passenger elevators and two service elevators.
Regulvar modernized the Sun Life Building’s existing control system, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and access.
The primary challenge of this project was in preserving the building’s historical tradition. As a heritage building, all aspects of the Sun Life Building’s architecture had to be respected. Regulvar therefore used specific methods and equipment and implemented creative solutions. In addition, given that the new control system had to occupy the same space as the previous system, Regulvar needed to design customized devices. The Company also developed unique tools for its client, such as a customized software program for managing access cards. Finally, since most of the work took place in the office area, the project was managed and coordinated in a way designed to minimize any impact on tenants.