Research and development

Research and development

Improving through innovation

Regulvar’s research and development team strives to anticipate and meet specific integration needs. Its mission is to create and improve products designed exclusively for the implementation of innovative building automation solutions.

Regulvar favours leading-edge, sustainable solutions and therefore encourages its experts to develop self-powered wireless technologies and related communication modes. By designing customized products that are not yet available, Regulvar targets specific needs and helps to develop the market.

The products developed by this team reflect their know-how and expertise:

  • A touch-screen intercom system for schools, with a BACnet® stack, making it compatible with building automation systems. The system includes bell alerts, student absence lists, emergency notifications, a display of procedures, a clock and an environment control feature.

  • An innovative gateway named RUBI designed to allow devices using the BACnet® protocol to communicate with devices using EnOcean®, LonWorks®, Modbus® and Lodging Link®. It also allows other protocols or data sources (e.g., the weather) to be integrated on request.

  • A fume hood monitor, designed to continuously track air velocity in laboratory hoods, to trigger an alarm in case of a containment failure and to allow for an immediate release of contaminated air, if necessary.

  • Energy analysis software capable of gathering and analyzing data generated by measuring devices, with interfaces that allow users to easily visualize the situation and adjust equipment as required.

Research and development

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