Optimizing performance through centralization

Regulvar’s integration solutions improve the efficiency, user-friendliness and profitability of technical building systems by making it possible for them to communicate freely with one another, by centralizing system management and by providing analyzable data.

A specialist in BACnet® integration, Regulvar ensures that devices using different protocols are compatible with one another and designs networks, software programs and graphic interfaces for its clients that provide effective and transparent data access.


With an overall vision, the condition, needs and requirements of the systems can be assessed accurately in order to maximize the use of resources and generate labour and energy savings.


A central control point supports the strategies designed to eliminate operational redundancies and allocate personnel and duties more efficiently. Certain tools identify and quickly correct any problems.


Using a single monitoring station greatly simplifies the operators’ work. What’s more, data centralization makes it easier to analyze the data and use it to optimize the system.

BACnet® is a registered trademark of ASHRAE.