RUBI gateway

BACnet gateway

A few years ago, Regulvar designed the RUBI gateway—Regulvar Universal BACnet Interface—to help devices using the BACnet® protocol to communicate easily with devices that use other protocols dedicated to technical building management such as LonWorks® and Modbus®.

This gateway was important for the Company’s activities because it paved the way to avant-garde and complex projects and helped Regulvar demonstrate its skills with respect to innovation.

It is also thanks to this original product that Regulvar was able to adopt wireless technologies and become the first company in the world to offer an intermediary between EnOcean® and BACnet technologies. What’s more, the speed with which the EnOcean wireless technology was integrated into Regulvar’s products and solutions showcased the Company’s ability to adapt in order to make progress.

Due to its versatility, the RUBI gateway plays a pivotal role in Regulvar’s forward-looking solutions.


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